Complain Letter or Email about Unwanted service Activation | Asking refund

I would like to share about the fraud internet link served by few Publisher or Advertise to force a service activation. Even Mobile Service provider also making trick for this  .

First of all I would advice to deactivate the service by calling a toll-Free number 155223 . this is a IVR number.

Call the number-155223
Prees 1 for deactivation
Press 2 for confirmation 

Then write a complain letter as written below within 24 hrs to get the refund . I think the refund will be got if complain has been made within 24 Hrs. Here is the One proof.

Video Store service has been activated on my SIM by a fraud internet link befor about 7 hour . Rs 30.00 has been deducted from my balance . I am making this campIain within 24 hrs . My details are listed below.

My name- xxxxxx
Mobile number  : xxxxxxxxxx
West Bengal circle .

I have deactivated it  . I therefore request you to kindly refund the deducted amount (Rs 30. 00) as soon as possible  and oblige .
Thanking you . 

xxxxxxxx (your name )
XXXXXXXX (city name)
West Bengal

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