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An Email Letter to a Hospital to Send Test report at My Email

This letter is for those busy men who want to get test report from a Hospital ; which is far away from house of these person. It is an intelligent idea. to do. I have done it and saved my valuable time , money and harassment of standing in a queue. To, Lab In Charge , XXX Hospital, XXXX Sir, Sub : Request for sending test report at my email. Ref : Patient Name, Receipt No-XXXX, Dated- August 29, 2013 This is for your kind notice I want to say that I have submitted my urine sample on July 17 2013  for complete routine test. M y residence is 16 km away from the hospital. The urine report may please be sent at my e-mail. You may contact to dispatch section the test has been carried out yesterday on 23-6-2013. Patient details are given below: Patient name -XXXX Bill number 02-OB-1 3- 0 2 9 9 7 3 I, therefore, request you to kindly send the test report on my email XXXX @yahoo. com  and oblige. Thanking you, Yours faithfully XXXX

Infringement Formal Letter to the Owner of a Website or Blog | sample business letter

Business Letter Format is given below. This sample business letter format can also be used for other business related complain or for business proposal. This is a formal letter for informing a website owner about the infringement of an original content ; which has been reproduced on another website without the permission of original content owner. This is very important letter and save  time of the website owner for complaining about the infringement.  The user has to change the url of infringing contents and url of original content. Here is the Business letter Example. Subject: Infringement formal letter. Respected Owner,, This is a kind intimation that your content at url (xxxxxxx) is infringing my original work. My original content's url is this so the infringing content to be removed from your site . Please read the copyright note of . This is a formal intimation so the needful action is expected as soon as possible from your side. Regards: