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Complain Letter to A Contractor for less Man Days of a Service Contract Job

Question : Write a letter to the contractor for complaining about lesser man days than that of the agreement in the contract and due to which your work/job has got hampered. Write to extend the contract period. Note: ... 26 August 2017 To M/s Example Pvt Ltd. 73/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, Attention Mr. Example Sheikh, Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Complain letter for job delay. Ref: w/o no.- xxxxxx458 This is for your kind information that due to 12 man days absence of contract workers counted cumulatively for "the meter changing job" , w/o-xxxxx458 period for counting from 1-1-2017 to 30-1-2017, our maintenance job has got hampered. Therefore, The contract period of this contract will be extended by 12 man-days after the date of the completion of the contract as mentioned the contract. Date: 13-02-2017 Regds : Sr Manager Example corporation of country. Mobile : email :

Letter for Asking Permission to Continue AMIE Course

Question : Write a letter to the Head of the Department or to personal department to get permission of continuing your AMIE course assuring your boss about the smooth running of your duty . Note: This letter will support you in future promotion when you will ask any advantage of a qualification achieved while you are in job with your company. At that time this letter will provide you strong support to convey message to convince your new boss (if he is posted recently) that everything of achieving high degree was as per the guidelines of the company. 18 Nov 2017 To The DGM Example Furnace Department, Example Corporation of India. Sir Dear Sir/ Madam , Sub: Letter for Permission for continuing my AMIE Course. As a known employee of your department, I Example Agrahani , very humbly want to say you that I want to continue my AMIE course. But I need a permission for continuing the said course. I want to assure you that there will be no any absent or any barrier in my duty