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Letter to the Bank Manager for $10 short payment in Forex credit Transaction

This letter is written because someone has got $10 short payment for Adsense earning. To, The Bank Manager SBI Main Branch Durgapur Dear sir,     Sub: $10 short payment Respectfully I beg to say that for last two forex transaction there are $10 less credit payment. In July 2015 Google paid Me $443.00 , but I got $433.00 . In July 2015 Google paid Me $443.00 , but I got $433.00 . The payment certificates issued by Google are attachid with this letter . My saving Bank A/c statement is also attached . l therefore request you to kindly solve the issue and arrange to pay my deducted amount of $ 20 and oblige . Thanking you Yours faithfully XXXXXXX XXXXX(Name of the Applicant) Name of Account Holder: XXXXXX A/C Number: XXXXXXXXXXX (Mobile Number)

Letter to the Bank for Issue cheque Book

Question : Write a letter to the bank Manager for issuance (issue ) cheque book. It is also a cheque book request letter To The Bank Manager, Bank (Branch Address ) XXXXXXXX (Branch Address ) XXXXXXXX (City name) Sir / Madam , Sub: Cheque book request letter. This is for your kind information I want to say that my old cheque book's leaflets has been used up. My Account details are: Name of A / C Holder : XX XXXXXXXX A/c Number : XXXXXXXX IBAN No: XXXXXXXX I , therefore , request you to kindly reissue a cheque book as soon as possible and oblige . Thanking you, Yours faithfully (signature of the Applicant ) XXXXXXXX ( Your  Name ) XXXXXXXX ( Mobile Number)