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NOC- No Objection Certificate Letter Application

Question : Write a letter to the head of the department of your organisation for N.O.C. [No Objection Certificate] . Note: With NOC experience certificate may also be asked on request basis. This is just a sample letter. 01 Octobe 2017 To The DGM, Electrical Repair Department. Example Corporation Of India Ltd. Example City xxxx13, Dear Sir Sir/ Madam , Sub: Letter for NOC This is for your kind information I had applied to Airport Authority of India Ltd. (AAI) for the post of Sr. Superitendent (Electrical) and I have qualified in the written examination. My candidature as GAIL employee is given below. 1.I have joined GAIL on 30 August 1995. 2. I have completed my training period on 30.04.98 3. I am in bond with GAIL for five year. 4. I am prepared to clear the bond if I finally get selection. 5. I have enclosed an agreement on non-judicial stamp paper that has declaration with guarantor ; who will pay all amount in my absence. l ,therefore, request you to kindly i

Letter to your Class Teacher Requesting her to Change your Seat

Question : Write a letter to your class teacher requesting him to change your seat from back to front. It is because you have eyesight problem and your doctor has recommended you for sitting near the blackboard after thoroughly checking your eye. 22 August 2017 To The class teacher, 73/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, other Attention Mr. Example Majumdar, Sir Dear Sir/ Madam , Su b: – Request to change my seat to the front I am writing this letter to request you please change my classroom seat to the front. As I am sitting in the back, I am unable to see the black board because of my eyesight problem. Due to my eyesight problem I am unable to keep up with what is written on t

Letter to Health insurance company for clarification about deduction

Write a letter to the officer of your health insurance company who has not approved the full claim amount, but has deducted few amount for a reason or terms you are not aquainted with. Sometimes without a valid reason your approved amount is deducted and you are satisfied by few sentences of terms and condition; which may not be in the list of condition. This happen because normal people even do not read the terms and condition carefully. In that case you can send an email to the health insurance TPA and an email copy to the Health insurance company for clarification regarding the deduction. Hope your issue will get a very quick solution, because written document is always a concrete way to fight for your grievances. Here is the format of the email. This email is just for case that has got solution. Your case may be different from this , but written communication can solve your grievances. Also there if it is not solved by the company and your are sure that your point is valid t