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Write a Letter to your Friend who lives in a different State that you would visit him this Summer Vacation.

Question : Write a letter to your friend who lives in other state. You will visit your friend this summer vacation as it was planned by you and your friend. Note: This is a personal letter. Therefore you can share your own private feelings to cheer your friends and yourself also. 01 May 2017 To Naman Dubey s/o Madhosh Dubey. 7A/5, Example Road Example City xxxx14, other Dear Nitin Hope your summer vacation will start from May 5 this year. You know that you are my close friend with whom I always remain very much comfortable. In this summer I am dying to meet with you. There are lot of things and feelings that I want to share with you and there is lot of events; which I would love to play with you. I have brought over my father somehow. And he agreed to go to your state Kashmir; which is the paradise of the world as reiterated by Mughal Emperor. My father had booked all the tickets. Therefore my dreams of meeting with you this summer will come tru

Letter to a Vendor for Replacement of Defective Material Supplied Recently agains a Purchase order

Question : Write a letter to a vendor ; who have supplied few defective materials. Either the materials are of poor quality or it was defective at the time of supply. You as a manager of the department can write a letter or email to get the replacement of the defective items. Don't forget to discuss the subject with your boss. And also don't forget to forward a copy of the email or the letter. Note: ... 26 July 2016 To M/s Example Pvt Ltd. 73/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, other Attention Mr. Example Majumdar, Sir Dear Example Chakraborty, Sub: Letter for replacemant of defective materials. Ref: w/o no.XXXXXXX Dated: 08-04-2017 .- As per our verbal discussion, I am informing you about the 4 nos. defective xxxxxx [detail of the material] . You agreed to supply four numbers xxxxxx [detail of the material]. The address for supply is: To The xxx I/c[Designation of head of the department], xxxxxx Shop, xxxxx Plant [SAIL], xxxxxxx