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2. Mutual agreement between driver and e-riksaw owner | ड्राइवर और ई-रिक्शा मालिक के बीच आपसी समझौता

 Date of Agreement:  ड्राइवर और ई-रिक्शा मालिक के बीच आपसी समझौता ई-रिक्शा का विवरण: ई-रिक्शा मॉडल: चेसिस नंबर: पंजीकरण संख्या : बीमा संख्या : ई-रिशॉ का वर्तमान मूल्यांकन : चालक का विवरण:  नाम: [Driver's name]  पिता का नाम : उमा नरायण मिश्रा  जन्म तिथि : 30.05.1997 आधार नंबर : xxxxxxxxxx पता : 7  ए , जंगल नकहा न 2  , मोहरीपुर [City name] , उत्तर प्रदेश - 273007  स्थायी पता : ई-रिक्शा मालिक का विवरण: नाम : [Owner's name] पिता का नाम : Father's name जन्म की तारीख : आधार संख्या: पता : स्थायी पता : चालक (driver ) अर्थात  [Driver's name] की जिम्मेदारी : - टायर का हवा [Driver's name] को ठीक रखना होगा। पांच दिन के बाद हवा जरूर चेक करना पड़ेगा। इसका खर्च  [Driver's name] को देना होगा।  - टायर पंचर बनवाना [Driver's name]  की जिम्मेदारी होगी।  - टायर पंचर का यदि नोजल खराब  होगा तो इसे बनवाने की जिम्मेदारी [Driver's name]  की होगी।  - बैटरी में पानी चेक करना और देना [Driver's name]  का काम होगा।  - रिक्शा की साफ सफाई [Driver's name] की जिम्मेरदारी होगी।  - क

Mutual agreement between driver and e-riksaw owner | ड्राइवर और ई-रिक्शा मालिक के बीच आपसी समझौता

  Date of Agreement:  Mutual agreement between driver and e-rickshaw owner Details of E-rickshaw: E-rickshaw Model: chassis number: registration number : insurance number : Current Valuation of e-RISHOW : Driver Details: Name: Driver's name Father's Name :  Date of Birth : 30.05.xxxx Aadhaar Number:  Address : 7A, Jungle Nakaha No 2, Mohripur Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh - 273007 permanent address : Details of E-Rickshaw Owner: Name: Owner's name Father's Name : Date of birth : Aadhaar Number: Address : permanent address : Condition of mutual agreement: The e-rickshaw will stay daily at the residence of the owner i.e. Owner's name. Driver's name will take the e-rickshaw daily from the residence of Owner's name in the morning and after driving will keep it at the residence of Owner's name in the evening.  Driver's name will run the e-rickshaw in the Gorakhpur area. Driver's name will have to take permission from Owner's name by mobile phone before

How to Write SALE AGREEMENT in Hindi | Sale Agreement Example

Question : Write a  SALE AGREEMENT in Hindi . Note: ... मैं X (जमीन के दलाल का नाम ) पुत्र HHHHHH अहमद , खरीदार पुत्र (Late ) XXXXXX , हाल मुकाम - 8/77 YYYYYY रोड दुर्गापुर बर्दवान पश्चिम बंगाल, से 50000 /- अग्रिम राशि , SELLER'S NAME , पत्नी HUSBAND OF SELLER , साकिन PPPPPP को दिलवा रहा हूँ . यह राशि SELLER'S NAME , पत्नी JJJJJJJJ , साकिन PPPPPP , की जमीन, की रजिस्ट्री करने हेतु दिलवा रहा हूँ जो की खरीदार अली पुत्र (Late ) XXXXXX के नाम में रजिस्ट्री किया जायेगा। जमीन का कुल मूल्य Rs 561000.00 ( पांच लाख इकसठ हजार रुपये केवल ) तय हुआ है (850 रुपये प्रति वर्ग फुट की दर से - 660 वर्ग फुट क्षेत्रफल के लिए ) । जमीन का क्षेत्रफल कम या अधिक होने से अंतिम देय राशि में एडजस्ट कर दिया जायेगा। जमीन का विवरण नीचे दिया गया है। गाटा संख्या -XX2 जमीन की आई डी - BBBBBB-BBBB-B-000-BB क्षेत्रफल - 0 . 1 9 0 हेक्टेयर जमीन विक्री का विवरण : 0 . 1 78 0 हेक्टेयर के 660 square foot ( area 660 square foot , 22 ft x

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Question : Write an email to a software company to solve your problems. Note: This email is an example. This can be modified to match other similar kind of email. 26 July 2016 To M/s Example Pvt Ltd. 73/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, other Attention Mr. Example Majumdar, Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , First of all I want to say that Funnelsbot is an excellent software. 1. I could not install 10-minutes funnel creator software. This was a bonus from you, but I could not install it. 2. Your video tutorial of Visual Flow Builder has no any example. You should upload tutorial by creating few examples. I am unable to understand it clearly. 3. video post campaign in Social Posting is not working for YouTube video. I could not find any post working for Video post in Social posting. 4. Instagram posting is not working. It is prompting that Application does not have permission for this action. 5. My support tickets were not answered. This is big issu

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Question1 : Write an email or Letter to Mediclaim Insurance company for not paying the hospitalization cost correctly. Question2 : Write Letter to Mediclaim Insurance company for not paying Rs 4000 for nursing charges during the hospitalization . Note: ... 26 June 2021 To M/s AB Insurance Co. Pvt Ltd. 73/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, other Attention Mr. B Khan, Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , My mother got hospitalisation treatment from ________ Hospital Lucknow from 16-08-2021 to 25-08-2021. You know the case history of Sabujan Nisha (MIN-_________568). I want to know why have you deducted Bed/Nursing charges (Rs 1500) and Visit charges (Rs 1500). For detail please see the attachment. The total amount is Rs Rs 3000 which I paid at Example hospital . Please see the attachment for details. Details of the Patient: Name- XXXXX NISHA Current Policy Number: 3XXXX0/34/21/04/00XXXXX02 MIN-11900558 Under which terms and conditions you h

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Question : Write a letter to the EPF office for continuation of Pension after death of husband. Note: The pattern of question may be in other format, but the central subject of the letter will remain same . For that condition you can use this letter after changing / editing name account number etc. 26 July 2022 To The officer In charge, EPF Organisation , Example City xxxx13, other Attention Mr. Example Ghosh, Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Request for continuation of pension in my name after the death of my husband NAME KUMAR Ref: w/o no.- This is for your kind information that I want to say that my husband Late XXXXXX KHAN had expired on 3rd May 1921. He was an employee ____________ growth division. At present, it is under the ______ Authority of India Limited (ISP Burnpur). His employment details and pension detail are given below: Name : Late ___________ SAIL P.ID- XXXX86 Date of Superannuation: XX-XX-XXXX PPO NO-UP/GKP/XXXXX

Email Letter to stop auto update of Dish TV Set top box to save FAVOURITE channel list

Question : Write an email or letter to the customer care of Dish TV or other TV network provider to stop the auto update of the channel so that you FAVOURITE list of the channel should remain unchanged. . Note: I have already complained to Dish TV about this issue as my favourite list channel had got changed every time I used to open the TV . This is very much embarrassing to find your channel in a list of 1500 hundreds channel. This is a madness to keep 1500 and more channel in SET TOP BOX. I strongly condemn this. Still now viewers are not satisfied with mess of unwanted channel in any network provider. I recommend viewers to complain every time to your tv network provider if your issue remains unsolved. Read this letter below. 26 July 2016 To Customer care Example TV Network. Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Favourite list is getting changed at the time switching ON the TV My registered mobile number -943xxxxxxx I am creating FAVOURITE channel list