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Reissue of a Bank Cheque letter

This letter is for getting reissue a new cheque if the older cheque gets damaged. This is very useful letter and this can be modified for other cheque related issue. Date: 25th May 2013, To The Bank Manager, XXX BANK. XXXX(Address) Sir,                                                      Sub: A letter for issuance of new cheque. with due respect I beg to say that by mistake I have written the date on the front side of the cheque as you can see the attached copy of the cheque. Our depositing bank (xxx -BANK NAME) has canceled my cheque. The details of the cheque are given below. Payee: XXX Cheque No:  XXXXXXX Date of Issue:  XX-XX-XXXX I , therefore , request you to kindly reissue another cheque as soon as possible and oblige. Thanking you,                                                                                    Yours Faithfully                                                                                          XXXXX