Letter for stopping the payment for a defective supplied material

Question : Write a letter to the manager of your Purchase department for stopping the payment for a defective supplied material in your department.

Note: A copy of the letter is also to be sent to your boss.


The Manager.
Purchase Department,
XXXXXX Corporation Of XXXXX Limited,

Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam ,

Sub: Letter for stopping payment-Order No XXXXX548.

The material supplied by M/s Exampl Vendor (Vendor Code- XXXXXX0674) have technical defect. Therefore the payment for this item may please be stopped.
The details of the item is given below:
Material: xxxxxxxxxx
Short Description: Name of the material in short.
PO: Example785
P.O. Date: 18.05.2018
Qty.: 1
P.O. Value: Rs xxxxxx.00

Regds :
XXXXX Shami,
Dy. Manager
Personal no.-xxxxxx,
xxxxxx Corporation of xxxxxx Limited
Mobile : 91xxxxxxxxxx
email :example@gmail.com

Letter Email for Fund Transfer in SAP

Question : Write a letter to the manager of finance department for transfer of fund from one commitment centre to another commitment centre in SAP system to save a Purchase requisition (PR).

Note: This transfer is needed if a commitment centre is short of required fund.

26 July 2016

The Manager
Example Corporation of India

Dear Sri Example Somer, Dear/Sir/ Madam ,

Sub: Budget Transfer

Kindly transfer an amount of Rs 25,500.00
from Fund Center WJ0XXX Commitment item F1800020XX
to Fund Center WJ0XXXCommitment
item F1800020YY to enable us to raise a PR.

Date: 12-02-2018

Example Hussain
Sr Manager
Example corporation of country.
Mobile : xxxxxxx45
email : example@gmail.com

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