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GPRS Plan-125 Activation letter

Julyr 27 2015 To the officer in charge Name of the organisation and place Sir, Respectfully I beg to say that I wat to get activated GPRS PLAN-89 (Data download limit:2 GB ) to my SIM (91xxxxxxxx). In this plan maximum data upload/download limit is 2GB. I , therefore, request you to kindly do the necessary for GPRS activation and oblige. Thanking you, Yours faithfully. XXXXXXX

Scholarship Renewal Letter

Question : Write a letter to your Principal for granting scholarlship as the current year. From, XXXXXXXX (Name of School ) XXXXXXXX (Address of the Writer ) XXXXXXXX (e.g.  28 november 2014) To XXXXXXXX( The principal /The Officer In Charge  etc ) XXXXXXXX (Address ) XXXXXXXX (city name) Sir / Madam , Sub:Renewal of scholarship Ref: Give old reference number of the document. Respectfully I beg to state that I am very needy student and my financial condition is not good . I also want to say that I am eligible for scholarship as per rules of the school for last two year . The renewal of my scholarship is pending for the currant year 2015. I am enclosing the required eligibility transcripts with this letter. I therefore request you to kindly arrange for renewal of my scholarship for the cement year . I shall be highly obliged. Thanking you, Yours faithfully / sincerly/ Truly / Faithfully etc XXXXXXXX ( Your  Name ) XXXXXXXX ( Mobile Number) Enclosure

A Complain Letter to a Neighbour Whose' son Plays Music loudly Every Night

Question : Write a letter to your  neighbour ; who plays music loudly  every night explaining problem created due to the loud music To XXXXXXXX(Name of Father of Rehan ) XXXXXXXX (Address ) XXXXXXXX (city name) Sir Rehan's Father , I am your neighbour Urooz Ali who lives besides your house. Your son Rehan plays music loudly every night. He plays music very loudly; which disturbs not only me but the other neighbour of the locality also. I study late night and the loud music is very much disturbing for me. Very Often we told your son not to play the music system at high volume. But he never listens to any member of the locality. Many students of our locality are going to sit for Bihar Board Examination. They have very little time for exam preparation. We can not sleep properly at night because of this disturbance . It will be good for him if you advise him. Otherwise we, the people of the locality will be bound to report the secretary to