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Letter for Issuance of NDC for release of security deposit

Question : Write a letter to the officer In charge of the organisation in which you have completed a contractual job and a part of your payment had been deducted by the  manager of the organisation. This is by rule done by all government or even private company to have a control over any money related claim of the company. this deducted amount is repaid by the company but the contractor has to submit NDC to the Finance section and this NDC is certified by the user department ‘, where the contract job has been done. A letter is needed with signature of user department. So here is the sample letter . NDC = NO DEMAND CLAIM XXXXXXXX (Name of School ) XXXXXXXX (Address of the Writer ) XXXXXXXX (e.g.  28 november 2014) To XXXXXXXX( The   Manager / The AGM   The Officer In Charge  etc ) XXXXXXXX (Address ) XXXXXXXX ( name of the organisation) Sir / Madam , Sub: issuance of NDC for release of security deposit      Ref: contact number or purchase order number dated R/Sir W