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Letter To Editor For Stopping Housing Complex To Protect Green Area

Question : Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper , drawing the attentions of the concerned authority against converting the only green area near your colony into a housing complex . 26 July 2016 To The Editor Example News agency. Chowrangi Road Example City xxxx13, Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Letter for stopping the housing complex construction to save green area. I beg the favour of your, kindly permitting me to make use of your columns to draw the attentions of the concerneed authorities against converting the only green area near our colony into a housing complex. Everyone of us know that nature is a most important part of our life. Still , we are always in favour of material development. I live in Shivaji colony, comprised of highrises buildings. There is an important green area in our colony. One construction authority wants to convert the only left over green meadows into a housing complex. But I think destroying the only left over gr

Application for Deactivating Internet Service on My Mobile SIM

Question : Write a letter to the officer in charge or SDE of your locality for deactivating internet service on your mobile sim or mobile number. 26 July 2016 To , The SDE (EB), BSNL, City Centre, BOKARO CITY JHARKHAND Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Ref: Through proper channel. Sub: Application for deactivating Internet of CUG-SIM This is for your kind information I would like to say that I want to get internet connection deactivated on my CUG-SIM. I do not need internet service on my SIM. My mobile number: xx3479xxxx I , therefore , request you to kindly deactivate the internet service of my CUG-SIM and oblige. Date: 13-05-2018 Regds : T K Example T/No-441xxxx Mobile :91XXXXX1452 email :

Starting Lines for Letter Writing | How to Start a letter or Application

How to start a letter. Starting lines of a letter or application is the most important part of a letter that will ensure 90% of the letter's quality and completion confidence of a student. starting lines For Friend: 1. I am highly excited to inform you about my plan for water rafting in next week...... (To invite your friend for water rafting.) 2. I am extremely happy to share my experience about the recent tour.... (Explaining experience to your friend.) 3. I cannot stop myself from explaining my special experience that I have gained recently on a tour.... (Sharing an exciting experience.) 4. I am extremely delighted to share my adventurous experience of water rafting....... (Water rafting experience sharing to your fast friend.) 5. You will be surprised to know that I passed my matriculation with 95% marks....... (Sharing your happiest feeling to your friend.) 6. You will be delighted to know how we celebrated this independence day........ (Independence day

Letter to Father asking Rs 1000 for Disney World Tour with your Friends

Question : Write a letter to your father requesting him for Rs 1000 because you want to visit the Disney Land along with your friends (words 100-125). 23 April 2018 To Shri XXXXX . 3/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, Dear Father , I am fine here. Hope you are also enjoying your stay with my grandparents in this holiday time.For last few days I am trying to inform you about an important information but I was in hesitation. But today I have to share that as it will be too late if it is not shared at this moment of time. Actually my friends are going for tour to Disney Land. I also want to join them . For this I need Rs. 1000 . As you know Disney Land is in Mumbai. I am going there with my friends. There will be a well known guide ; who will take care us. I am going to wear blue shirt and paint that you bought in this Eid. I am very much excited to see the Disney Land . i therefore request you to please send me the required amount (Rs 1000) a

Letter to a Contractor to intimate him to start the contract job

Question : Write a letter to the contractor for informing him to start the contract job that have been negotiated after a work order. Note: Written communication is an important part of an official job. It is because verbal communication is not entertained and have no value at the time of any litigation or problem. But written communication and its recording is an important part of the official communication to sit and relax. Don't relax for any intimation after a verbal communication that cannot be proved for the action taken regarding any official matter. Office Reference Number : e.g. MED/18/12.2/12                       26 July 2018 To M/s Example Engg Co 83/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, Vendor code: XXXXX10004567 Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Example job and maintenace, W/O-XXXX1450002 Dt. 25-02-2018 You are requested to start the above job positively from 06-04-2018. Regds : Sr Manager Example corporation of country.

Letter for stopping the payment for a defective supplied material

Question : Write a letter to the manager of your Purchase department for stopping the payment for a defective supplied material in your department. Note: A copy of the letter is also to be sent to your boss. 14-06-2018 To The Manager. Purchase Department, XXXXXX Corporation Of XXXXX Limited, Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Letter for stopping payment-Order No XXXXX548. The material supplied by M/s Exampl Vendor (Vendor Code- XXXXXX0674) have technical defect. Therefore the payment for this item may please be stopped. The details of the item is given below: Material: xxxxxxxxxx Short Description: Name of the material in short. PO: Example785 P.O. Date: 18.05.2018 Qty.: 1 P.O. Value: Rs xxxxxx.00 Regds : XXXXX Shami, Dy. Manager Personal no.-xxxxxx, XXXXX Shop, xxxxxx Corporation of xxxxxx Limited Mobile : 91xxxxxxxxxx email

Letter Email for Fund Transfer in SAP

Question : Write a letter to the manager of finance department for transfer of fund from one commitment centre to another commitment centre in SAP system to save a Purchase requisition (PR). Note: This transfer is needed if a commitment centre is short of required fund. 26 July 2016 To The Manager Example Corporation of India Dear Sri Example Somer, Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Budget Transfer Kindly transfer an amount of Rs 25,500.00 from Fund Center WJ0XXX Commitment item F1800020XX to Fund Center WJ0XXXCommitment item F1800020YY to enable us to raise a PR. Date: 12-02-2018 Regards, Example Hussain Sr Manager Example corporation of country. Mobile : xxxxxxx45 email :