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Invitation Letter to the principal of another school for christmas program

Question :  Write a letter to the principal of another school requesting him or her to attend the christmas program of your school as the chief guest. remember that you are writing this on the behalf of the school as a school captain. Sent peter school mirror by road durgapur 28 november 2014 The principal aurobindo vidyamandir XXXXX (city name) Sir / Madam , I xxxx xxx  (your name) the school captain of central school, on behalf of my school request you to attend the christmas program as our chief guest. The program will be held on 19th December. The program will start from 5 p.m. onwards which will continue for about 3 hours. The children of junior and senior classes will be performing. There will be drama, dance, gymnastics etc.  We all wish you to be a part of our programme and  we shall be highly obliged if you will be present in our school christmas program. we are confident and hope you will enjoy our program.  Thanking you,  Yours affectionately, XXXXX 

Complain Letter or Email about Unwanted service Activation | Asking refund

I would like to share about the fraud internet link served by few Publisher or Advertise to force a service activation. Even Mobile Service provider also making trick for this  . First of all I would advice to deactivate the service by calling a toll-Free number 155223 . this is a IVR number. Steps: Call the number-155223 Prees 1 for deactivation Press 2 for confirmation  Then write a complain letter as written below within 24 hrs to get the refund . I think the refund will be got if complain has been made within 24 Hrs. Here is the One proof. Sir, Video Store service has been activated on my SIM by a fraud internet link befor about 7 hour . Rs 30.00 has been deducted from my balance . I am making this campIain within 24 hrs . My details are listed below. My name- xxxxxx Mobile number  : xxxxxxxxxx West Bengal circle . I have deactivated it  . I therefore request you to kindly refund the deducted amount (Rs 30. 00) as soon as possible  and oblige . Thankin

A Letter to The Post Master about Address Change

Question: Write a letter to the post master of your local post office requesting him to acknowledge your recent shift to a new address. From, XXXXX Singhania, x/2, XXXX Road, XXXXX (City name) Date: November 16, 2014. The Post Master, XXXXX Avenue, XXXX (City Name) Dear Sir,        I would like to acknowledge you about my recent shift from my old residence to a new residence and thus I want to inform you about my new address for communication.       I have recently changed my house to a new residential area. The street is situated to the left of the previous street ; where I used to live. It is my kind request to you that whatever mails , letters etc comes at my old address, it should be delivered to my new address.  If by mistake any letter or consignment is delivered to my previous address then that may please be checked, if possible those may be delivered at my new address.                               Thanking you, Your affectionately. XXXXX Singhania, [M