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You Are Embarking On A School Trip. Write A Letter To Your Uncle And Inform Him About This Upcoming Tour

Question : You are embarking on a school trip. Write a letter to your uncle and inform him about this upcoming tour. 26 July 2016 To Mr. Ramesh Kharwar Khalilibad Utter Pradesh Dear Uncle I am feeling very excited to inform you about my upcoming tour from my school with my friends on next Monday. The principle of our School informed us about the upcoming tour which will be for the visit of a very famous park of Durgapur. The tour will be held to put a very memorable schooling experience in the heart and mind of the class 10 students. The time passed with the friends of our school will be a sweet memory in my mind throughout the life. The feelings of small - small events and activities that happened in our school life with our friends have already started to come out in tears. This is the last day that I will pass with our school friends. I want to enjoy it at fullest with my friends. I, therefore, writing this letter to inform you abo