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Letter to your Friend How You Keep Yourself Healthly

Question : Write a letter to your friend how you keep yourself healthy. In this letter you will advise your friend explaining the tips of keeping yourself healthy. Note: This letter is more common in the examination. I request students to get practice by writing this letter by reading once. It will improve you creative writing skill. 29 March 2017 To Sonu Nijamabad Utter Pradesh Dear / Sonu , Hi, I hope you are doing well. I was thinking about the discussion we had last month and I wanted to talk about it more in this letter. I would like to continue the conversation by saying that yes, keeping ourselves healthy. It is mandatory to accustom our body to physical exercise and eating the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Junk food should be avoided to maximum extent. Taking stress is a negative factor which is unhealthy for the body. To have mental peace, meditation should be done. Laughter is said to be the be

Letter for Starting a Contract Job against a Work Order (w/o) or job order

Question : Write a letter to start a job for which work order or job order was already created. This is helpful format to write your own by editing a few words of this letter. Note: ... 26 July 2016 To M/s Example Pvt Ltd. 73/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, Vendor Regd. No.: 100002xxxx Attention Mr. Example Majumdar, Sir / Madam , Sub: Letter for starting the Job Ref: w/o-xxxxxx8879 Dt 28-7-2017 As per our verbal discussion you have been informed verbally on 9-2-2017 and you agreed to start the job. You are requested to start the job (Example Recondioning job) in the ______ department from 15-03-2017. And you are requested to complete all formalities as per company rules. l ,therefore, request you to do the necessary for starting the job from 15-3-2017. Also you are requested to reply this letter in written. Date: 13-02-2017 Regds : Sr Manager Example corporation of country. Mobile : email :