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Letter or Office Order for Change of Duty

Now a days many official work has to be perfomed in our tough busy schedule. But don't worry we only need a smart phone or a computer with Internet connectivity. There are lot of sample letter and applications posted here. That can be used. 
 This letter is for issuing departmental order against an employee to change his shift duty. 
Name of the department
Name of the organisation
Reference number :
Henceforth from April 2, 2014 shri XXXX will perform his duty in XXX department in A-B-C shift. He will avail his weekly off day on Wednesday w.e.f. April 4, 2014.
 In present weak he will avail his off-day On wednesday instead of Sunday. He will report in XXX group from 2-04-2014  in ' B' shift.

[signature of officer In charge]

Copy to: 1 . Employee copy. 2. Office copy. 3.copy to attendance section. 4.Copy for noticeboard etc.