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Starting Lines for Letter Writing | How to Start a letter or Application

How to start a letter. Starting lines of a letter or application is the most important part of a letter that will ensure 90% of the letter's quality and completion confidence of a student. starting lines For Friend: 1. I am highly excited to inform you about my plan for water rafting in next week...... (To invite your friend for water rafting.) 2. I am extremely happy to share my experience about the recent tour.... (Explaining experience to your friend.) 3. I cannot stop myself from explaining my special experience that I have gained recently on a tour.... (Sharing an exciting experience.) 4. I am extremely delighted to share my adventurous experience of water rafting....... (Water rafting experience sharing to your fast friend.) 5. You will be surprised to know that I passed my matriculation with 95% marks....... (Sharing your happiest feeling to your friend.) 6. You will be delighted to know how we celebrated this independence day........ (Independence day