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Letter to a Contractor to intimate him to start the contract job

Question : Write a letter to the contractor for informing him to start the contract job that have been negotiated after a work order. Note: Written communication is an important part of an official job. It is because verbal communication is not entertained and have no value at the time of any litigation or problem. But written communication and its recording is an important part of the official communication to sit and relax. Don't relax for any intimation after a verbal communication that cannot be proved for the action taken regarding any official matter. Office Reference Number : e.g. MED/18/12.2/12                       26 July 2018 To M/s Example Engg Co 83/1, Example Road Example City xxxx13, Vendor code: XXXXX10004567 Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam , Sub: Example job and maintenace, W/O-XXXX1450002 Dt. 25-02-2018 You are requested to start the above job positively from 06-04-2018. Regds : Sr Manager Example corporation of country.