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Complain Letter for Roof Leakage From Quarter

Question : Write a letter to the concerned officer of your organisation for your roof leakage problem. That are wetting the electric wiring of your house;which may put danger to the you and your family members. Note: As this letter will be submitted to the civil department. The letter to moved through proper channel i.e. it must be embedded with inspection note of the Electric department to make the report authentic . In this way the problem will be attended very soon by the department because of the safety factor of the electric shock. The case must be genuine regarding the wetting problem of electric wiring. 28n December 2015 To XXXXXXXX( The Officer In Charge / Designation etc ) XXXXXXXX (Section/Department) XXXXXXXX (Name of the Organisation) Sir / Madam , Sub: Roof Leakage and Electric wiring are getting wet. Ref: Respectfully I want to say that the roof of my quarter ( 5/3 D R ROAD) has water leakage in all rooms including Kitchen , Bathroom a