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A Complaint Letter to Airtel for Slow Internet 3G

Question : Write a letter to the concerned officer of Airtel at this email about your slow connectivity of the internet. Note: Dear user if you are an Airtel user of Internet on Vodafone and it's your Internet speed is slow even you have bought very good package of 3G. Then you can write to your service provider e. g. Airtel or Vodafone as I am writing here . Airtel has responded promptly to solve my problem. You can use this letter for your convenience. Please feel free to enquire any information regarding my setting and mobile etc to solve the problem . 28n December 2016 To ________________________ ( The Officer In Charge / Designation etc ) ________________________ (Section/Department) ________________________ (Name of the Organisation) Sir / Madam , Sub: Slow Internet Connectivity. After recharging Rs 298 3G package my Internet is not working like 3G . The page load time  is very long . The speed is like less than 2