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Letter to Principal for Section Change Mutually With a Student of Your Class

Question : Write a letter to your principal for section change with a student of another section; who is mutually ready to change with you. XXXXXXXX (Address of the Writer ) XXXXXXXX (e.g. Dec 20 2015) To XXXXXXXX( The principal /The Officer In Charge etc ) XXXXXXXX (Address ) XXXXXXXX (city name) Sir / Madam , Sub: Application for section change mutually. Very humbly I want to say that my daughter XXXXXX1 is psychologically feeling depression as maximum of her class mate were transferred to Section-A except her. She is in class 9-B at present. After a lot of consolation from my side, she is still feeling depressed and she is not continuing her study in normal way.One student of Cass 9-A is very much positive to change her section from Section-A to B. I, therefore, request you to kindly consider the case and grant this mutual change from section B to A and oblige Thanking you, Yours faithfully / sincerly/ Truly etc. ....................... XXXXXXX