Letter For Closing Saving Bank (SB) Account

Writing letter to a bank is simple . Anyone can write it . As we remain more busy in our day to day job, So it is difficult to spare time for hand written letter or application.  We are here to support these busy people.

The Manager
Example Bank
Sub Bank Account Closing Letter
With reference to above subject, I would request you to arrange for closing my saving bank ( SB ) Account No: XXXXXXXX  maintained with your branch as l am unable to maintain the same due to some unavoidable reason.
Please pay my all available balances after deducting bank charges if any and arrange to close it.

Thanking you,

                                                                   Yours faithfully
Date: 12-04-2014
                                                                 SB Account No XXXX
                                                                 Address: XXXXX
                                                                 MOB: XXXXXXXX
The reason may also be given as listed below .
1. Due to transfer of my job.
2. Due to transfer of my pension account to XXX state .
3. Due to retirement from my present job.

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