Email for getting offer Data of Airtel which is not Credited | Letter

This letter is to be mailed to to get 500MB data (or other offers)  that shown in the offer and that is not credited by Airtel by mistake .

the offer message and recharge message to be copy paste in this letter if you have Smart phone. 


I recharged my sim 255 3G internet on 04-02-2015  , but I received 1 GB 3G data only . why?

My mobile number - XXXXXXXXXX
This was my offer message :

"Best offers for you1 Rs90=Upto Rs120 TT
2 Rs255=1.5GB 3G 28D
3 Rs355=2GB 3G 28D
4 Rs70=Rs70 FTT
Extra Benefit in 2hr. Airtel myPack, Dial *129*4#"

And this was my recharge message:

Recharge Successful on 04-02-2015 at 09:20PM,MRP: Rs 255.00, STax: Rs28.05, TransID 552194815. Validity:28 days Benefit:1 GB, For myPack, CALL 1294

Therefore, I request you to give my 500 Mb offer data as soon as possible and oblige . Rgds: XXXXXXXXXX
My mobile number - XXXXXXXXXX

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