Redemption Letter or Application for a Fixed Deposit (FD) or MIS

Question : Write a letter to the financial institution where you have invested your money . Request the managee for redemption of the deposit (MIS or Fixed Deposit ) that have maturity after 15 days.

XXXXXXXX New Delhi (Address of the Writer )
XXXXXXXX (e.g.  28 April 2015)

Sir / Madam ,

Sub:Redemption Letter

Ref:Fixed Deposit a/c number:xxxxxx

This is for kind information that my MIS of Rs 100000.00 is going to mature on 15th May 2015. I wauld like to inform you that I want to redeem the amount. The details of the deposit is mentioned below. Name of Depositer : XXXXXXXX Chakraborty
Account Number :345783267
Date of Maturity: 15.05.2015
Maturity Amount: Rs 300000.00

I,therefore, request you to kindly arrange for redemption and the amount is to be credited to my saving account. I will be highly obliged.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully / sincerly/ Truly / Faithfully etc
XXXXXXXX ( Your  Name )
XXXXXXXX ( Mobile Number)

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