Letter to a Vendor for Replacement of Defective Material Supplied Recently agains a Purchase order

Question : Write a letter to a vendor ; who have supplied few defective materials. Either the materials are of poor quality or it was defective at the time of supply. You as a manager of the department can write a letter or email to get the replacement of the defective items. Don't forget to discuss the subject with your boss. And also don't forget to forward a copy of the email or the letter.

Note: ...

26 July 2016

M/s Example Pvt Ltd.
73/1, Example Road
Example City xxxx13,
Attention Mr. Example Majumdar,

Sir Dear Example Chakraborty,

Sub: Letter for replacemant of defective materials.

Ref:w/o no.XXXXXXX Dated: 08-04-2017 .-

As per our verbal discussion, I am informing you about the 4 nos. defective xxxxxx [detail of the material] . You agreed to supply four numbers xxxxxx [detail of the material].
The address for supply is:

The xxx I/c[Designation of head of the department],
xxxxxx Shop,
xxxxx Plant [SAIL],
DIST- xxxxxxx,
PO Details are:
PO No- xxxxxxxxx15,
PO date: 03.08.2016,
Material :xxxxxxx005839
Qty. Supllied : 20,
Description: xxxxxxxx Example description of the material.

l ,therefore, request you to kindly replace 4 nos. new xxxxx [Material details] possibly soon, as we need it urgently.


Date: 08-04-2017

Regds :
Sr Manager
Example corporation of country.
Mobile :
email :

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