NOC- No Objection Certificate Letter Application

Question : Write a letter to the head of the department of your organisation for N.O.C. [No Objection Certificate] .

Note: With NOC experience certificate may also be asked on request basis. This is just a sample letter.

01 Octobe 2017

The DGM,
Electrical Repair Department.
Example Corporation Of India Ltd.
Example City xxxx13,

Dear Sir Sir/ Madam ,

Sub: Letter for NOC

This is for your kind information I had applied to Airport Authority of India Ltd. (AAI) for the post of Sr. Superitendent (Electrical) and I have qualified in the written examination. My candidature as GAIL employee is given below.
1.I have joined GAIL on 30 August 1995.
2. I have completed my training period on 30.04.98
3. I am in bond with GAIL for five year.
4. I am prepared to clear the bond if I finally get selection.
5. I have enclosed an agreement on non-judicial stamp paper that has declaration with guarantor ; who will pay all amount in my absence.

l ,therefore, request you to kindly issue me an experience certificate and NOC as soon as possible. I shall be highly obliged.
Thanking you,

Date: 1-10-2017

Your faithfully,
Example Chowbey,
Personal No-.
Mobile : 91xxxxxxx

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