Complain Letter to A Contractor for less Man Days of a Service Contract Job

Question : Write a letter to the contractor for complaining about lesser man days than that of the agreement in the contract and due to which your work/job has got hampered. Write to extend the contract period.

Note: ...

26 August 2017

M/s Example Pvt Ltd.
73/1, Example Road
Example City xxxx13,
Attention Mr. Example Sheikh,

Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam ,

Sub: Complain letter for job delay.

Ref:w/o no.- xxxxxx458

This is for your kind information that due to 12 man days absence of contract workers counted cumulatively for "the meter changing job" , w/o-xxxxx458 period for counting from 1-1-2017 to 30-1-2017, our maintenance job has got hampered.

Therefore, The contract period of this contract will be extended by 12 man-days after the date of the completion of the contract as mentioned the contract.

Date: 13-02-2017

Regds :
Sr Manager
Example corporation of country.
Mobile :
email :

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