Letter for TC Transfer Certificate from School Application

Question : Write a letter to the principal of your school for TC [Transfer Certificate ] .

Note: There must be a reason for getting TC from the school. In this letter reason of transfer is the transfer of job of father ; who is in a service in Delhi company.

14 Dec 2017

The Principal
Example city,

Sir Dear/Sir/ Madam ,

Sub: Application for TC

With due respect I want to say that I have been transferred from New Delhi to Chennai by our company. Therefore I have to shift myself with my family. Therefore I need a TC for my daughter. The details of my daughter is given below.

Name : XXXXX Subhan
Class :6
Roll No- 32

I , therefore , request you to kindly issue a transfer certificate for my daughter as soon as possible so that I can get admission to a school there. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you,
Date: 19-04-2017

Regds :
Example Sameem,
Mobile : 91xxxxxxxxxx
email :example@gmail.com

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