Complain letter against undisciplined students of class 6 | Complain Application against undisciplined students of class 6

This letter or application is for complaining against a undisciplined student of a school; who has  harm your son or daughter causing body injury. This letter is very much helpful for the guardian or parent who have less command on writing letter or application and hesitate or  feel shy in expressing his view to the school teacher or Principal.  
05 December 2012
The  Principal
St. Peter’s School
Mirabai Road , Durgapur

Sub: Complain letter against undisciplined  students of class 6 Sec-A.
Attention: Class Teacher of Class 6 Sec-A.
This is for your kind information I want to say that yesterday my daughter got injury on her right leg due a  careless indiscipline activity of few students. At the time of last  bell a metal bench fell down on the right leg of my daughter due to an indiscipline activity as stated above. 
This is a written formal complain to take necessary disciplinary action against the accident creators as per verbal enquiry of yesterday (04-12-2012) present students including my daughter.
I request to the school administration to maintain sufficient safety up to the exit of the school to avoid such type of accidents. My daughter would have got severe  injury. It may happen to other students also . 
  I, therefore, request you to kindly see the case and take necessary required action against the undisciplined students.

Thanking you ,
Yours faithfully

  [ XXXXX ]

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